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Why Giving Cash Back Will Bring Your Customers Back

Why Cash-Back Rewards are the Key to Bringing Customers Back and Keeping Them Loyal

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The Role of Customer Reviews in Online Shopping

The review rating is a crucial metric for customers, as it tells you how many people have reviewed a product and their overall impression.

A product with an average rating of three stars or higher is more likely to convert than one with a lower average rating.

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Top Ways to Use Ecommerce Deliveries to Build Customer Loyalty and Retention

The first way you can use your ecommerce deliveries to build customer loyalty and retention is by shortening the time between purchase and delivery. This is important because it allows customers to feel..

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The Benefits of Using a Loyalty Program on an Ecommerce Store

If you’re looking to grow your business, attracting new customers isn’t cheap. The average cost to acquire a new customer is six to seven times the cost to retain an existing one.

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How to Convert Leads Into Sales by Understanding the Buyer’s Journey

Defining your buyer’s journey is crucial for the success of your business. It is not enough to focus on converting leads into sales. In addition to knowing which stage of the buying process your prospects are in, you need to know what their objections are