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New and recurring customers find many benefits in shopping from trusted sources, including convenience, availability, and price. Online shoppers are likely to trust reviews of other shoppers more than advertisements, paid media, and direct mail. Consumers can also benefit from the expertise of sales associates, particularly at specialized stores. When it comes to purchasing items online, the benefits of getting your products from trusted sources are numerous.

When making large purchases, in-store shopping is more effective. Besides saving time, fuel, and fuel-related costs, in-person shopping offers quality assurance and a better fit. Big purchases, such as eyeglasses, mattresses, or new cars, require additional testing. But for everyday items like groceries, shoppers should consider online shopping from trusted sources as they provide better prices and greater convenience in addition to getting these at their doorsteps.

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Among all consumers, 70% of consumers put price and efficient delivery service on top of everything else. The other half ranked quality as very important. While expert opinions are often helpful, most consumers would rather read reviews from others as these reviews are more accurate, and can be trusted by customers.

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Moreover, they can get recommendations from friends and family who have used this service in the past which creates greater trust than ads and others placed by the online shop themselves.

Despite the various security concerns, online shoppers still prefer going online to get their favorites

Some online stores offer free shipping and discounts when purchasing multiple items and free delivery to first-time shoppers. Because of this, the convenience and affordability make it an excellent choice for a wide variety of goods especially those that are to be used every day (like dairy and groceries). Some of these stores offer cash-back services, which allow customers to save money on their purchases while still enjoying the convenience of shopping. And because online portals are more competitive than offline stores, consumers have a greater incentive to provide the best prices possible with the possibility to select time slots when they want their delivery/ order shipped. For example, on, shoppers have the option to choose their delivery time based on the different zones where they reside in the country.

on, shoppers have the option to choose their delivery time based on the different zones where they reside in the country

Shopping online from a reputable source saves time. When you are buying online from a trusted site, you can browse the items at your own pace and find the best deal. In short, compared to in-store purchases, online shoppers can compare prices from several sellers, all the while avoiding the hassles of traveling to a physical store, avoiding large crowds, and getting quality time for themselves. They can also avoid sales pressure and travel expenses that they may have had to face in the past.

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In the end, it’s all about convenience and trust, and the more a shopping portal earns this, the more recurring and returning customers it gets. And even though brick and mortar stores are being set up every day, the trend of going online at least to research a product before purchase is widely gaining ground. It’s all about who you trust and how much do you trust your shop.

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